Audit and Assurance

In this modern day and age, conventional statutory audits and special purpose assurance work often call for increased exphasis on the complex financial and operational risks that modern businesses have to face.

We approach our audit work by looking beyond minimum requirements. On top of an independent audit opinion, we take extra steps to innovate in our audit approach and build towards the future of corporate reporting to enable our clients to progress with foresight and confidence.

Tax compliance and planning

With the worldwide development in international cooperation on tax enforcement and information exchange, businesses and individuals are ever more exposed to financial and regulatory challenges, locally as well as globally.

Within Hong Kong, we provide service on a broad range of tax and related matters from compliance to planning and dispute resolutions. As an independent member of True Partners Consulting International (TPCI, a group of tax service practices with members worldwide), we are well-positioned to extend the service support beyond Hong Kong to help our clients to stay competitive and compliant wherever they may be operating.

Corporate compliance and administration

Corporate compliance in Hong Kong involves complex legal requirements applicable to all Hong Kong companies as well as overseas companies registered to do business in Hong Kong. We look after the myriads of reporting and statutory obligations of client companies and their officers, so they can go about their business with total peace of mind.

Our typical services include:

  • company incorporations and dissolutions
  • branch and representative office registrations
  • registered office/correspondence address
  • annual compliance and maintenance of statutory registers
  • board and shareholders’ meetings, minutes and resolutions
  • bank account opening.

Business advisory and consulting

Modern businesses face a multitude of challenges and opportunities under a constantly unpredictable and complex economic environment. Our advisory services are primed to address such areas as profitability, liquidity, technology, risk, growth, structure and operations.

Fiduciary and trust services

High net worth individuals often face complex asset or succession planning compliance challenges. Likely situations may include owning assets or having beneficiaries in multiple countries, creating the need to plan for tax and ownership compliance in the respective asset locations and countries of citizenship or residence.

Working with clients and their advisors, we can procure trustees, protectors and other office-bearers to administer international trusts or other fiduciary solutions to help clients overcome compliance challenges and meet their financial objectives.

International Service Support

As part of TPCI'S extensive international presence,we are well-positioned to provide clients with quality professional service support and coverage wherever their business may take them globally.